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So tired

After a weekend of wrestling, kids, grandparents, not sleeping as much as we should, birthday party, wiggle worms, grocery shopping, laundry, all all the rest – we are tired.  Lance is tired, I am tired.




Sara is sleeping horribly lately.   Like, flopping her self around and moaning and groaning, and generally being a fantastic sleep-disturber.  I thought it might be an ear infection, but no (after waiting about almost 2 hours at the doctors this weekend), it’s not.  It’s probably teething, or developmental (she is crawling and now up stairs, too), or lack of me teaching her to sleep by herself by now, or whatever.


I am so tired, I am beat!  I wake up (I mean “wake up” by meaning that I don’t want to get up, but Lance has already had both kids downstairs for 2 hours) in the morning and feel physically sick to my stomach I am so tired.  I remember this feeling when Alex was going through all his ear infections, how extremely tired you can get.  I’m going to bed early tonight.  Early.


The even tougher part is that Lance is beat too.  Alex isn’t sleeping well either and so we’re both having to get up multiple times a night to get our children back to sleep. 


Ding, ding, ding – and we have a winner – Sara ‘The teething Baby’ Torgesen and Alex ‘the transitioning napper’ Torgesen. 


Mommy & Daddy have pulled out the white flag! 



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