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Mole-hill hair

Tonight after getting out of the hot tub Alex asks me “Mom – can you give me mole-hill hair?”  (aka a Mohawk).


“You mean the kind that sticks up on top?” I asked.  “Yeah Mommy, like this” he says. 


“Can Mommy take a picture to show Daddy when he gets home?” 




Love my mole-hill haired boy!  I love almost 4 year old conversations!



Alex Mohawk - Mole hill hairstyle-3 blog-2



P.S.  In case it’s just me in my sleep deprived stupor…


“Mole-hill” hair sounds a lot like “Mo-Hawk” hair and Lance has been saying a lot about Mole-hills lately since we have a ton!  Mole-hill THIS an THAT Mole-hill – except replace THIS and THAT with other adult words…


Michelle R. Slape said...

Love his mole hill hairdo!