Torgesen Family Times

{We are trying to enjoy and record the moments that make life special}
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Skiing with Alex!!!

Lance took Alex skiing for the first time today – so much fun! 


It just happened to be (already) planned on a day that school was closed due to the snow – so good all around!  Lance and Alex used the rope tow with Lance holding Alex and holding the rope tow to pull them up the small hill.  Then he pointed Alex’s skis down the hill and held him and let him go.  He said it took a couple of times to get the hang of it, and to not lean back too much, but he got it and loved it!


At about 2pm, I got a call at work saying they were having a blast and were still going strong (I was betting they would be done in about 45 minutes after being up there). 


They stopped in Sultan to get a burger on the way home and relaxed their sore muscles in the hot tub. 


I think Lance is more tired than Alex! 


Alex skiing first time-2 final