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Christmas break, what we did to entertain ourselves




We made cookies for Santa with lots of sprinkles (with Batman no less!).  And even made Alex and Sara cookies!  Santa scarfed them up, by the way.  Also, we put out some reindeer food and Rudolf must have been very hungry. 


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Xmas cookies-17 blog


Christmas eve was spent with my side of the family.  Aunt Amelia was here, my Dad, my Mom and Steve – the whole gang!   And the hit of the night was a hand-made (by Papa Steve) marble run.  Oh what fun!  Alex LOVES it, but doesn’t quite get how to set it up with all the holes aligned, he needs some help.  Sara was so intrigued by the balloons that Aunt Amelia brought and sitting on Papa Dave’s lap was pretty nice too. 


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Sara got her top two teeth, plus two more right next to them are coming in too.  Oh the joy of teething.  How quickly you forget!


Xmas eve 2010-40 blog


Sara is OFFICALLY crawling – she can crawl a few steps before she just plops down and drags herself where she wants to go.  She is so happy with herself.  She’s already working on how to get up those one steps from our living room into our kitchen.  She can get her front half up, but has no idea about the back end yet. 


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Pacific Science Center

Seattle Aquarium

Museum of Flight


What do these 3 things have in common? 


We visited them all this Christmas break and had a fantastic time.  Alex had so much fun bringing his new lunch bag.  We packed a lunch each day and right when we go to the museum, at like 10:00 AM, he would want to each lunch because he was so excited about using his new lunch bag. 


The most crowded was the Science center, and alas, Alex didn’t want to go into the butterfly house.  Sad smile  But, we did get to see dinosaurs, funny mirrors, make music and tons of other things. 


The Aquarium was really fun, Grandma Sandy joined us and we all had a good time.  They had high school volunteers doing all sorts of activities for the kids.  We got to touch starfish and sea cucumbers, see the seals and otters, see more funny mirrors and it was a nice day to be in downtown Seattle. 


The Flight museum was the least crowded and I wondered why?  It was so much fun!  There were tons of planes, space/astronaut stuff to look at, really nice volunteer docents who loved talking to little kids, and you could even walk aboard the air force one and the concord.  It was a fun trip. 


Museum of Flight

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The Seattle Aquarium (with Alex carrying his lunch bag).

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The Pacific Science Center

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