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9 things Sara is doing right now





Lance pointed this out to me the other day with an email in my inbox saying “you gotta look at this – click on the link below”.  He was reading the most current post and clicked on the articles suggested below each post from Linkwithin


9 month developments (click here for the blog post)


9 things Alex was doing at 9 months old – WAY back in 2007!  It has been so fun to see the similarities and the differences between the kids.  Sometimes they are so similar, sometimes SO different. 

Sara red hat


Sara 9 mo developments

1) Crawling! After much anticipation – she is crawling everywhere. And when she gets too tired, she just pulls herself places.  Although she is very happy, most of the time, to sit and and play with a toy.  

2) Crawling up one step already! Two steps is right behind… Batten down the hatches – we have a crawling baby in the house!

3) 4 teeth with 2 more coming in. Her smile is infectious with those 4 chompers!

4) Not sleeping well. Sometimes we’re up every 2 hours. Boo!

5) Stranger anxiety is in full force. Mama, Daddy and Nanny Melanie are who she is most comfortable with.  Other people can hold her, they will just hold a crying baby. We are holding her and snuggling her as much as possible, when she’s walking and exploring, the snuggle time significantly decreases. We know.

6) Eating lots of foods, but still prefers mushed up foods. She’s learning to take very soft foods cut up, like small cut up canned pears. Bananas are still her FAVORITE. Tonight she ate black eyed peas, ham and greens ground up, mixed with a little cheese sauce, watered down a bit and warmed up. YUM!

7) Chewing on everything! Those darn teeth! It’s easy to forget teething the second time around.

8) She loves Mama’s milk and my supply is fine this time around. We supplement with formula, but we are doing just fine. 

9) She LOVES her jumperoo. If she doesn’t jump at least a couple of times a day, she’s a cranky girl.


Sara snow curiosity

No babies were harmed in the capturing of this moment.  She just wanted to feel the snow so bad!  And it was SO cute!


For contrast:


Alex 9 mo developments

1) standing!!! (I know - he probably will be walking by 10 months! He just
2) cruising along while holding on to furniture
3) 4 teeth! The two top teeth are coming in and they are SOOO cute!
4) not sleeping very well - a GREAT night is still waking 3 times a night. Most nights are uncountable (6-10?) We are having a rough time with this one because it seems like he has to sleep ON us. (and wake up every 45 min?) I've told Lance this is a phase but it's often hard to see that when you're in it.
5) very clingy towards the Mama
6) walking with assistance from a walking toy - very roughly
7) opening cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and making noises by banging them
8) Eating like a horse - he likes "big person" food now - no baby food. He really likes chili, spaghetti sauce and anything that we're eating.
9) this one is for Mama - since I'm losing my milk, so therefore we're feeding him more and more of formula. Good thing it's only until he's one year old. It's expensive! We're blowing through it and just bought 4 cans from Costco.


Sara crawling