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Stranger anxiety and more T-giving

Sara has got some stranger anxiety lately, she just doesn’t want to be held by ANYONE except Mommy and Daddy. 

Not Great-Grandma Myrtle.

Not Santa Claus

Not Grandma Sandy or Grandpa Dave

Not Grandma Judy

Not Grandpa Steve or Grandma Connie

Just Mommy and Daddy!  Otherwise – this is the face we get.  (Which is all very quickly resolved when firmly back on Mommy’s hip or snuggled in Daddy’s arms)

Thanksgiving beach weekend-1 blog

Thanksgiving beach weekend-2 blog

Thanksgiving beach weekend-3 blog

We enjoyed a day at the beach this Thanksgiving weekend, and boy it was cold!  So, we took our snow suits and had a blast!  Sara chewed on some shells (It’s almost the same picture I took of Alex in 2007!) and was just generally a happy girl.  Alex had a fun time exploring all around.  We didn’t spend too much time there, as it was so darn cold.  But, it was fun anyways.

Thanksgiving beach weekend-16 blog

Alex 2007
Thanksgiving beach weekend-20 blog

Thanksgiving beach weekend-25 blog

We got the kids dressed up and had Santa pictures at Chapters Photography.  They have a great thing – make an appointment (don’t stand in line!) and have Santa pictures with a (totally funny and fantastic) Santa, choose your custom photography package, and they mail you the prints!  You can’t get any better than this!  This year, Alex was soooo looking forward to the Santa visit – he knew exactly what he was going to ask for – a skateboard.  Last year, Santa was still to scary (so Santa had to be peeking behind the chair).  We walked in and Alex had a big smile on his face – it was so fun to see. 

Like a child’s dream come true type of smile.

He sat on Santa’s lap and Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas.  He said what he wanted and then asked Santa what he wanted for Christmas – this is the funny part.  Santa said that he wanted “Verizon to start carrying the iPhone”.  After I totally cracked up, I said that that was a good one and I wanted that too! 

We put Sara on Santa’s lap to take the picture (and see above – we got a screaming little face) and got another one with Alex sitting in the chair, and Santa peeking out behind the chair.  This one she is smiling.   She loves her brother!

So, when we got home, they were dressed so nicely – I just had to take a few photos myself!

kids all dressed up for Santa-4 blog