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2 years ago

We catch ourselves all the time saying things like “I don’t remember when Alex was crawling and pulling up, we should look back on the blog”. 




It’s so fun for us to look back at old pictures and remember what our lives were like just 2 short years ago.  It’s amazing how my photography has evolved, too!  


Take these, for instance:


Yep – not only was Alex crawling, but he was pulling UP on furniture.  He was a crazy focus little man.  See that look in his eye?  He was such a crazy man that only a few short months away was he walking (at 10.5 months!).  Sara and Alex are only about 3 weeks apart from each other, 3 years apart, but Sara is so much more content with sitting up and viewing the world.  It’s amazing the difference!


IMG_0146 blog


Sara sitting up 6 months-14 blog



Yep, pulling up to stand, too.

IMG_0160 blog

Apparently, licking the coffee table… eewwww!

IMG_0171 blog


Crawling under the table

IMG_2174 blog


Alex had two lower teeth, just like Sara does (same eyelashes, too!)

IMG_2261 blog


Again – he was a MOVER.  Wanted to move all the time, hence the standing up in the laundry basket.  Sara and Alex look so much alike – especially in this picture, I think.IMG_2295 blog