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Weekend recap


So many fun pictures from this (and recent) weekend(s)  – so I thought I just share them all!




My 2 “fighter-fighters”, as Alex calls them

firefighters-1 blog

Sara’s 7 month teddy bear picture – she’s getting so big!  She’s like the size of a 1 year old, except she’s 7 months old.  Lance weighed her Sunday and she’s 18.5 lbs.  Seriously, the size of a 1 year old! 


P.S. On the *verge* of crawling!

IMG_5183 blog


Sara on her new quilt made by Grandma Sandy, with Alex close by… with a … camera

IMG_5201 blog


Learning from Mommy – another photographer in the house! And if he just keeps his fingers off the lens, he will be just fine!

IMG_5211 blog

Sara has got some beautiful eyes on her

IMG_5241 blog-2

It was a helping kind of weekend – Alex helping Daddy put up lights on the house while the weather was dry

IMG_5262 blog

Alex loves to be just like Daddy and climb the ladder!!!

IMG_5263 blog

And have his trusty measuring tape on his pants

IMG_5264 blog

The end result – lights up on the house – before T-giving!  What are we thinking (besides it was a good weekend to do this since it was dry)?!?

IMG_5269 blog