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Snow day!

Alex’s day was filled with snow angels and sledding and playing outside with Daddy!  So much fun, that bedtime came early tonight.  Not even one book since he was too tired.


IMG_5308 blog



Snow flakes get caught on those long eyelashes too!


IMG_5312 blog


Inside, Sara and Mommy snuggled in the warmth and took some cute pictures!


Sara sitting on the bed-11 blog


But, then --- Sara got to put on her new snow suit and head outside to feel the snow first hand, her first time!  She loved it!  It is so cold out, last we checked it was 13 degrees F.  So, we didn’t stay out long with Miss Sara.  Next year, for sure!


Sara touching snow for the first time-4 blog


Sara touching snow for the first time-8 blog


Those photos reminded me of when Alex felt snow for the first time.  (it obviously wasn’t that cold out back in 2007!)

IMG_2362 blog


And one more of Sara in her snow suit – just too cute!

Sara in snow suit-2 blog