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We started off Halloween day with Alex getting up and wanting it to be dark already.  He wanted to go trick-or-treating SO badly!  I mean, when has this kid EVER wanted it to be dark (night night time)?  I posed them for a few pictures in the morning and it was so easy to put Alex to nap, because hew knew when he woke up – it would be closer to trick-or-treating!



Halloween 2010-28 blog


Halloween 2010-33 blog

We went to our friends house – Eric and Becky’s (they have such a great neighborhood with sidewalks and street lights and a wonderful Halloween spirit – these houses really get into it!) with their daughter, Allie (almost 4!) and son, Evan (1 year old).  Alex and Allie have such a good time together – two peas in a pod, if you know what I mean.  They are matched well.  This visit, they just started playing together instantly, no shy period like kids sometimes do.  We thought it would be so fun to have them give each other a kiss on the cheek – so cute!



Here is a post with Alex and Allie back from 2008 (and a kiss too!) – only 1.5 year olds!  Ahh – time flies!


And here is the post from 2009 – Alex as a lion!



Halloween 2010-36 blog


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Halloween 2010-56 blog


Then, a few pictures with Sara and Alex in their costumes (again!). 


Halloween 2010-69 blog

And then Sara got a big squeeze in between the two kiddos – she loved it!

Halloween 2010-72 blog


Then, it was time to trick-or-treat after a good dinner!  Sara was happy in the stroller, allowing me to take pictures (yeah!).  Alex and Allie had such a good time this year trick-or-treating.  They really got it – and Alex even sung this song (below) to a few unsuspecting people.  I think he thought that is what you were *supposed* to do – instead of just say “happy Halloween” or even just “thank you”.  So after a few times, we had to tell him not to sing the song, even though it was so cute. 


trick or treat, smell my feet

give me something good to eat

if you don’t, I don’t care,

I’ll pull down your underwear


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Halloween 2010-92 blog


Halloween 2010-100 blog

Halloween 2010-109 blog

By a round around the big block, it was time to come back – the kids were a bit cold and needed to snuggle under a blanket.  Plus, they had to check out their stash!


Halloween 2010-112 blog


Halloween 2010-114 blog

But, then it was out for a bit more of Halloween – Alex could’ve just kept going and going!  He can’t wait until next year! 

Halloween 2010-116 blog


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Anonymous said...

Love it! Love the post for when they were little, I could eat them up!!!

Connie and Steve said...

Thanks for the montage...loved "being there on Halloween". Some great photos! really cute kids! CK