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Family photos – Fall 2010

A while back I mentioned that we always take some fall photos – well, here are the results of the 2010 family photos from the wonderful Jamie Nielsen.    The goal was to get some family photos of the 4 of us, since it was very difficult to get all 4 of us in photos now.  We had like 2 photos of all of us since Sara was born (her birthday and at the beach with a tripod).  Plus, I wanted some of me with my kids, since I’m the one always taking the photos (on an aside – I’m trying to teach Lance how to shoot pictures with my camera, without using auto mode, maybe that is another good blog post someday!). 


We met at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens and were supposed to meet at 9 am – except that it was pouring.  So, we met later in the afternoon (thank goodness both our schedules worked out!).  These photographs below are my FAVORITES of the session.  Jamie had a twirling Tasmanian devil on her hands who seemed like he was hyped up on sugar (even though he wasn’t).  He was just crazy full of energy, wouldn’t cooperate much, trying his parents patience to just get some gosh-darn family photos and was moving constantly.  So, finally we decided to get some photos of me and Alex “racing”.  Then, even though that was a fabulous idea, and worked like a charm, he was pretty much done not too long after that.  So, we got a few of me and Sara, my baby girl, and we were done too. 


I think there are some AMAZING photos that truly capture our personalities here, what do you think?  I love the colors and the backdrop of the gardens.  We had fun, even though our little Tasmanian devil was twirling our patience.   I love that we will be taking family photos every year and remember how precious this time is. 


I loved working with Jamie and can’t wait for next year already when Alex is 4-1/2 years old and Sara is 1-1/2 year old!






Connie and Steve said...

I really love much fun, and yes...personalities PLUS!!!!