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2010 Fall Family photos

We had our family photos done this year – just like in the past 3 years.  It so fun to look back and think about (and see!) how much we’ve changed.  Not only physically, but what our life is like, how we feel about things, what we do for fun, and all that.  So much different, I can’t even remember (almost) not having Alex AND Sara around, it’s like it’s always been this way. 


Fall family photos are not a new idea and the first year, it was almost by accident.  We were at Thanksgiving and Uncle Mikey took some photographs of our new family.  It sparked a resolution in me – to each year get our fall family photos. 


This year – we had the fabulous Jamie Nielsen take our family photographs.  Go ahead and give some blog-love to Jamie Nielsen!  If you don’t know what blog-love is, it’s a technical term for comments.  So, go ahead and click on over to her blog and tell her what you think of the photos.  I think they’re amazing!  She truly captured Alex’s personality with the “racing” with Mama, and me and lovely Sara snuggling close.  I love it!  I’ll post some of my favorites soon from the session. 


But, for now, here are two of the past 3 years of family photos.  See how much has changed?



2007 family picture


Good family pic1

photo by Uncle Mikey!


2009 family photo (with Sara in my tummy only 3 months along!)

DSC_1788 Final

photo by Keri Meyers