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{We are trying to enjoy and record the moments that make life special}
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Sara and Mama self portrait

Sara and Mama

We were already all dressed up for our family photos and the light was so beautiful outside, soft and glowing, wonderful fall light in the early evening.  I mean, I do sound like a photographer right?  “Oh – the light is so beautiful right now!”  And the fall colors are stunning at our house right now, you can see in the background. 


I am also just watching my little baby girl grow so fast, I mean sitting up, growing teeth, rolling over – next things walking, asking for the car keys!  So, I just decided to capture us with the tripod as I often hold her in front of a mirror to get her to smile.  Tip up, Tip back, Tip up, Tip back – and sure enough – it always gets a smile. 


And I found what’s called a “sloppy border” to use as the frame.  I think I like it!