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pumpkin patch

We visited the pumpkin patch this weekend, and everyone else did too – the place was packed.  The weather was GEORGEOUS!  Sunny, warm (for fall) with a crispness to the air only fall can have.  We had an awesome time looking at all the pumpkins and watching Alex pick out every one he saw – he wanted to take them all home!


Pumpkin patch 2010-1 blog

Alex tried to pick up many many pumpkins, and found this one too be too big for him.  So, he just decided to roll it.

Pumpkin patch 2010-6 blog

Sara is sitting up now pretty well, so we just put her amongst some pumpkins and she was loving it!  She was just looking all around wondering “what are all these orange things?”

Pumpkin patch 2010-9 blog

Of course, Alex had to ride a pumpkin…

Pumpkin patch 2010-28 blog

And another smiley Sara

Pumpkin patch 2010-36 blog

And I finally got Alex to show me the “pointies” that his batman costume has! 

Alex batman pointies-1 blog