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Our little ballerina

I went out to get Sara some new shoes for our family pictures next weekend – and look what happened to fall into my cart.   It wasn’t my fault at all – it jumped in!  It’s so cute, too!  I was a ballerina, my Mom was a ballerina, so I just figured that Sara would look cute in pink tulle as well. 


She does look oh-so-cute in pink tulle.


Oh, she does.


And the new shoes, shiny black mary-janes.  Size 4 (huge for < 6 mo)!!!  I was looking for some of those soft fabric shoes that really just keep the socks up.  She’s not going to be walking anytime soon, she’s not even really sitting up yet.  But, these were the right price at the consignment store ($4) and I just couldn’t pass them up. 


Sara in tutu and new shoes2-9 blogSara in tutu and new shoes2-4 blogSara in tutu and new shoes2-7 blog


Anonymous said...

I am just in love with this! She is sooooooo cute! and those are really having fun! Bama C