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Sara 6 months old

I can’t believe Sara is 6 months old!  But, 6 months old she is. 


And what a special date 10-10-2010.  It must mean something special. 


She’s rolling over, almost sitting up, can spin herself around on her tummy.  She can move quite a bit – you put her down in one spot and she’s in a 6 inches away when you come back.  Crawling is next, coming too soon for sure! 


We’ve started trying a couple of foods, so far bananas and yams are favorites, pears, not so much.  She’s wearing size 4 shoes, huge for her size, but why would we expect anything different?  She’s also currently wearing 9-12 month clothes, 18 months are just a bit big right now! 


She’s been waking up a bit more at night, keeping Mommy nice and tired, but not too tired.  She’s been working on more teeth as evidenced by her drooling, putting things in her mouth and wanting to bite on everything.  She’s been taking milk mixed with formula as Mommy’s milk isn’t going as far as it used to. 


She still has no hair, but still as beautiful as ever.  Look at those beautiful cheeks and smile.  What a pretty girl.


Happy half birthday Sara!


Sara 6 mo teddy bear photo-5 blog