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What {I want} to do this holiday season

All the things I want to do this holiday season involve something, but none of them are material, in the traditional sense.  None of them are stuff.  How many times have I tried to remember the “stuff” at any occasion and have not been able to remember, like only a week afterwards???  The things I remember are the experiences, the outings and adventures.  Although I may not be able to remember the year (was it in 2008 or 2009?) I can remember vivid details.  What I was wearing, how I felt, the look upon Alex’s face, funny things he’s said, and so on.


That is what I’m focusing on this year for the holidays, not the stuff, but the connections. 


This time of year always goes by so fast, year end goals at work, trying to “get things done” before the end of the year, holiday parties, shopping, this and that.  It can go by before you even know it!


So, this year I set down a bit before Thanksgiving and wrote down what {I WANT} to do this year.  I found this to be so helpful to me in so many ways.  Things can be so busy that all of a sudden, the holidays are past and I didn’t get to do anything {I WANT}ed to do! 


So, here is my list, and some of them accomplished already!


[X]   Santa pictures with the 2 kiddos

[X]   Christmas Tree Farm

[X]   Lights decorating the house, this year LED lights

[   ]   Send out a holiday card, with letter

[X]   Make easy kid friendly ornaments

[   ]  Make Sara a felt stocking

[X]  Go ice skating with Alex – the first time

[   ]  Giving to charity (we’ve decided to take the money we’ve spent on our kids and give that same amount to charity)


So far, we’re making good progress.  Thank goodness for online shopping, too – a lifesaver!  If this list is complete, I am a happy Mama.  I don’t need or {want} anything else.  What a great place to be!


Xmas tree 2010-7 blog

Alex got to hold the saw and wanted to wear his Santa hat (who can resist?)



Xmas tree 2010-13 blog

And even test it out a bit!


Xmas tree 2010-24 blog

Sara was loving it at the tree farm!  She was a smiley happy girl (glad she had her snow suit on – it was in the 30’s)!


Xmas tree 2010-28 blog

We got to ride the tractor cart and bring our tree back – one of Alex’s favorite things (so many!).

Xmas tree 2010-32 blog

And a family picture 2010 – tree farm.


Xmas tree 2010-42 blog

And at the end a beloved candy cane