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Weekend roundup

What do you do when it is pouring rain outside?  Take pictures of the kiddos! 


I caught some very cute snapshots of Alex this weekend, you gotta love the lips!  


Sara loves the bath now and splashes around gets everything nicely soaked, and looks so cute in her hooded towel! 


The 49ers won this weekend – maybe it was because the Torgesen household was decked from Lance to Alex to Sara in 49ers gear?  Lance was SO proud!   (by the way – that is an 18 month 49ers outfit Sara is wearing – Alex wore it when he was 18 months old.  Sara, on the other hand, wears it when she is 8 months old!)


And finally, I wrapped a few presents and put them under the tree on Friday night – apparently – Alex was so shocked/excited in the morning and wanted to open them!  So, he just had to get in there and check them out.  Maybe that’s the reason for the sullen face below? 


Alex-1 blog


Alex-2 blog


Alex-3 blog


Alex-4 blog


Sara in the bathtub-1 blog


Sara in the bathtub-6 blog


Sara and Mama after bath-6 blog


Torgesen 49ers-7 blog


Torgesen 49ers-9 blog



Torgesen 49ers-11 blog

IMG_5634 blog


IMG_5637 blog


Anonymous said...

I really loved all these pics! Sara in the bath with her name behind her! Alex under the tree. Love the way you keep us grandparents updated on these perfectly darling kids! THANK YOU! We love checking the blog! C & S