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Hands and knees and funny faces



Sara is up on her hands and knees now – her latest and greatest trick!  She is up and rocking back and forth and still doesn’t quite know what to do yet.  She’ll be playing on her tummy and the get up and rock away, plop back down, spin around and do it all over again.  Sometimes when on the hardwood floors she’ll push herself backwards quite a bit and ends up in a different location than she started. 


Let the games begin!


siblings lounging around-10 blog


She is quite smitten with herself!

siblings lounging around-12 blog

Making funny faces, must be copying her brother.

siblings lounging around-13 blog


Because his favorite thing to do right now is make funny faces for the camera

Alex funny faces for camera-2 blog

Alex funny faces for camera-4 blog


Alex funny faces for camera-5 blog