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{We are trying to enjoy and record the moments that make life special}
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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!



torgesen 2010 holiday

photo by Jamie Neilsen

Let your days be merry and bright

The year has gone by so fast, warp speed now that we have two kiddos!

And trust me, the first one is just the “warm up” for having two –

We’re now in marathon mode – in for the long haul…

The first 6 months we weren’t in shape for this marathon, but slowly we have hit our stride and now can’t even remember only having one child.


We are now a family of four, and it feels just right!


Sara Jeanine was born April 10th with a amazing vbac labor and delivery.

She is a mellow, sweet and a easy baby.

She is very different from her brother and is so content with sitting and observing

It’s so true that your kids are each so different from each other, so true!

She is on the *verge* of crawling, if she could just get that knee underneath her..

…and then know what to do with it! It’s just right around the corner now – any day.


Alex is attending preschool/daycare and has learned to write his name this year.

Potty training was very easy for him, when he was ready, he did it “all by himself”.

“Big Boy” Spiderman & Batman underwear proved to be a big motivator for him!

He asks such good questions and is learning so much and soaking things up like a sponge. He loves going on bug hunts, playing hot wheels, reading books, wrestling with Daddy, entertaining and snuggling with Sara, watching cartoons and playing *any* and *all* sports (tennis, golf, soccer, football, baseball, basketball, etc). You name it – he’ll play it!


Lance bought a boat this summer and it’s his pride and joy! He’s been saving up for a long time and finally he found “the one” to buy. We keep it at our property in the South Puget Sound, near Gig Harbor, during the summer and plan to take it camping many times next year. The kids love going on the boat, even the dogs get to join! It’s a whole family affair!


I am taking a ton of pictures of our beautiful and wonderful kids. It is so much fun for me to capture them in unique and authentic ways. In fact, I keep up a blog where I post pictures of what is happening with us – stop by and say hello! Tell us what you think! (obviously, since you are here, ha ha ha!)


Peace, Love & joy in the new year!


We hope you and your family are well and happy.


Allison, Lance, Alex & Sara