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Strawberry jam




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You wouldn’t know it by the weather right now (raining and probably in the low 60’s, where is summer, or spring for that matter, this year?) – but it is supposedly summer.  And summer means strawberry jam!  We picked up some fresh local organic strawberries at the farmer’s market and I decided to make strawberry jam with Alex while Sara was napping (she’s settled into a nice toddler routine of sleeping after lunch for about 2-3 hours most days, sometimes less, sometimes more.  Glorious!). 


It would be a fun project with all the right things for a 4 year old.  I think Alex’s favorite part was cutting the tops off of the strawberries (gasp!).  He did an amazing job and was very good with a knife.  All it took was a little leap of faith on my part, some close undivided attention, the right maturity level, and a boy who WANTED so badly to do it he was willing to listen and learn. 


We had so much fun and ended up making some really kickin’ strawberry jam.  Yum!


First we cleaned and cut off the tops of the strawberries, then pulsed them a bit in the Cuisinart to chop them up a bit.  Of course, you have to try them – just to make sure they are good.   


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I follow the MCP Pectin recipe – but, I have learned you have to follow the recipe exactly or else it doesn’t gel.  You would think that A+B+C+D = ABCD jam, but if you go in this order A+C+B+D = strawberry syrup (not jam).  So, if you try it – follow the instructions…


Strawberries, lemon juice, plus MCP pectin, wait 30 minutes, then corn syrup (to prevent crystallization) and sugar, stir and you have jam. 


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And stir it all up – stir it good. 


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And, of course, the best part – make sure it’s not “poisonous”.  You have to try it!  And it’s delish!  Fresh strawberry freezer jam is one of the best things on earth.  It is the taste of summer – directly in your mouth.

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And, of course, give Mama a taste too!

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