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Father’s Day at the Zoo




Just for the record, it was his idea – Father’s Day at the Zoo with the family.  Boy, we sure had a great day, and we were all tired!  What a great Dad Lance is! 


So much enthusiasm when we first arrived, we had an excited-to-get-out-of-the-car Sara, a boy-on-a-mission-to-see-animals Alex, who wanted to wear his back pack at all times to carry his water bottle , and two ready parents. 


Father's Day at the Zoo-3 blog


Father's Day at the Zoo-6 blog


First, we stopped at the dinosaurs exhibit.  Alex was entranced by these real life like dinosaurs, in fact, I think he thought they were real!   Especially, only moments after I took this photo, the dinosaur spit water at him!  He was NOT happy about that, not really scared, just wasn’t expecting it. 


Father's Day at the Zoo-7 blog



Lance was paying for us and we went on ahead, little did he know he was about to get a surprise too, a short ~3 seconds before this picture was taken. 


Dino spit!  Eeeewwww!

Father's Day at the Zoo-9 blog

Then came the T-rex.  It was big!  Alex wanted to get up closer, so he got on Lance’s shoulders, but realized that it was a bit too close, and got a bit scared.  No worries, though.  Just a little space was all that was needed to calm down.


Father's Day at the Zoo-12 blog


Father's Day at the Zoo-14 blog


Father's Day at the Zoo-15 blog


Sara was thinking, "OK Dad, you take the picture for Mom, but I’m keeping my eyes on this thing.  Has this thing had lunch yet?  I hope so!”


Father's Day at the Zoo-18 blog


We meandered our way to the giraffes and paid the $$ to have myself and Alex feed the giraffes.  Fair warning to anyone going to the zoo, the dinosaurs cost extra, the giraffes cost extra, and the willowong station (bird feeding) all cost extra.


They were so tall that we were up on a platform.  We each got to feed the giraffes a few times and they showed us their long tongues.  It was a very cool experience – my favorite for sure.  When we were coming home, we asked Alex what his favorite was and he said Dinosaurs.



Father's Day at the Zoo-31 blog



We saw some Komodo dragons and took a nice Father’s Day photo perched on top of a statue.


Father's Day at the Zoo-50 blog


And then the beloved carousel – Sara’s first time with us at the zoo and first time on the carousel! 


Father's Day at the Zoo-60 blog


I have such good memories of taking Alex on the carousel back in 2008!


Alex and Mama on carousel at zoo (2)

And now look how big he is!


Father's Day at the Zoo-70 blog



We had lunch and walked around to see as many animals as we could, and came home with two tired kiddos! 


And most shocking of them all – Lance was so tired out when we got home he took a ~30 minute nap.  Almost unheard of for him!