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Catching up… last weekend at the beach



We welcomed Jim (Connie’s Son), Denise (Jim’s wife), Mickey, Joaquin (kiddos of Jim and Denise), Connie and Steve to join us at the beach this past weekend!  We haven’t seen them for ~ 3 years since Hawaii in 2008!  Boy – time flies!  They were in town from So. California.  How peaceful and quiet this beach must be compared to the beaches down there! 


Alex was so excited to see Mickey and Joaquin – as we have watched the movies from Hawaii many times and Alex has very fond memories of playing with them.  He and Mickey are like two peas in a pod. 


the beach June 11-1 blog



Sara was just as happy as usual, playing with rocks (her favorite to put in her mouth) and buckets and shovels.



the beach June 11-3 blog

the beach June 11-2 blog



We bought these two floaties that had squirt guns that we thought would be fun.  The water turned out to be not as cold as you would think and the kids did decide to brave the waters.  And have some fun! 

the beach June 11-11 blog



the beach June 11-9 blog



My little “butt-cheek” boy with a peek of his cheeks sticking out of his shorts that just won’t stay up.

the beach June 11-18 blog


“the old days” kids would just float on a log instead of these “floatie” things… So, we did that too!


the beach June 11-23 blog


Which was all fun… until someone fell in and got really wet (and then really cold!).


the beach June 11-26 blog


So, we got him all warmed and dried up. 


And there was a FORT.  Oh – Alex has “discovered” the fort at the beach.  Over the years it has grown, changed, been added to – but Alex never really noticed.  But, now he knows.  He and the kids (Cousin Gwen joined us too!) played for hours over there.  Happily.

the beach June 11-38 blog


the beach June 11-36 blog


the beach June 11-31 blog


Anonymous said...

Allison....I love your photos. You can really capture the "moment' in those kids faces! I just laugh with joy when I see them. THANK YOU! Being a kid is still fun! CK