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Sara on the lawnmower





I don’t know what it is… but, my kids LOVE riding on the lawnmower with their Dad.  Sara got to wear Alex’s “lawnmower ears”. 


SHHHH!!!   Don’t tell him because he is totally in a no-sharing anything with Sara phase lately. 


The Lawnmower Ears pushed her cheeks together just a bit and it was so cute. 


Sara on the lawnmower-8 blog


Sara on the lawnmower-4 blog


Sara on the lawnmower-6 blog


Alex loved to ride the lawnmower when he was younger, and still does to this day. Although, a pretty fun thing to do right now for him is to chase after the lawnmower with his Jeep.


Alex on lawnmower (1) blog


Back then, Lance would just give Alex the ear protection, but now they both have a set to protect that hearing.


Alex on lawnmower (3) blog


Hey wait a second… Who is having a blast?


New lawnmower-9 blog

Sara’s first time on the new lawnmower – last summer.


New lawnmower-5 blog