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New kids bathroom!!!





First – the old bathroom.  Not horrible (no carpet or anything), but not great either.  There were daffodils on the blue tile, and the grout was failing.  The knobby thing that let the water drain (or hold it in for the bathtub) was broken, the sink had chips in it (sharp chips), and the toilet was not adequate, didn’t flush much…


guest bath before remdel (4)-2 blog


guest bath before remdel (2)-2 blog


guest bath before remdel (3)-2 blog


guest bath before remdel-2 blogguest bath before remdel (1)-2 blog


So, one of the things on our goals this year was to re-do our kids bath/guest bath. 


We set a budget and set out getting estimates and plans.  It was fairly easy since I was just going to go with the same tile we had in our Master bath 3 years earlier. 


It’s so hard to pick what is my favorite…


The shower head with the hose, the new lighting, the new cabinet/granite/sink/faucet, the new tile flooring, the new toilet that flushes well, or the little touches that I gave it like the whale spout cover, the sticky whales/octopus in the tub, the art, the light blue walls, or the bright blue towels.  We still have to put up a couple of shelves, but we are mostly done! 


And it’s functional and beautiful.  And it was easy, just pull and replace. The contractors were great and we’re in the current century!


new kids bathroom-2 blog


new kids bathroom-8-1 blog


new kids bathroom-7-1 blog


new kids bathroom-6-1 blog


new kids bathroom-5-1 blog


new kids bathroom-4-1 blog


new kids bathroom-3-1 blog


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