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Oh yeah – we’ll be signing him up for soccer!

This last Friday evening we took Alex to a trial soccer class – just to make sure (before we spend the $$$) to see if he liked it.  Lance arranged everything ahead of time and he was to start in the beginners class (2.5-3.5 yrs old).  We arrived a bit early and watched all the soccer players.  Alex was so excited.  He wore his soccer shirt, soccer shorts, shin guards and everything.  It was pretty cute, he told me that he “might be shy”.  I told him it was OK to be shy, but if was really fun it was also OK to have a lot of fun.  He said OK.  They told us to go to the middle field where the class would start.  It was underway for about 1 minute and two classes switched fields.  Now he was on the far field. 


The coach had a pre class meeting.  The did a warm up, the did some drills back and forth and then they broke out the colored jerseys and started playing soccer.  That is where we started to get suspicious.  He was keeping up with all the drills, etc and seemed to be having fun.  These kids seemed bigger than 2.5-3.5 though.  And in the middle field looked to be a much younger crowd. 


Alex had fun but didn’t “get” the soccer game, nor should he have.  It broke my heart because for a while he came over to the sidelines and didn’t want to play because “they don’t want to play with me”.  He didn’t understand there was only one ball and you have to go get it.  After we quickly figured this out, he was pretty much done anyways after running around for 45 minutes – we just talked to the front desk and figured out the right class for him.  The one on the middle field seemed to slow paced for our tornado, but the one he was in was too much.  So, Lance talked to the coach and determined that he was just right for the “jackrabbits” class at Arena Sports.  It’s a 3-4 year old class that seems just right for him.  


The best part, according to Alex, is that when we signed him up he got “real” soccer jersey and “real” soccer shorts.  He is so cute!  More pictures to post later!


We are excited to have him start on Saturday June 19th at 9 AM!!! 


(I know 9 AM sounds really early, but when you have a kiddo get up at 6:15 on Saturdays and Sundays – the earlier he gets out of the house the better!)


Alex soccer trial game-3 Final

 Alex soccer trial game-5 Final

 Alex soccer trial game-6 Final

Alex soccer trial game-38 Final

 Alex soccer trial game-7 Final

 Alex soccer trial game-9 Final

 Alex soccer trial game-10 Final

 Alex soccer trial game-11 Final

 Alex soccer trial game-17 Final

 Alex soccer trial game-28 Final

Alex soccer trial game-42 Final