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{We are trying to enjoy and record the moments that make life special}
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Low tide

 the beach geoduckin tide-3 Final


This weekend was one of the low tides for the summer, I think a –3 or –4 feet.  The water goes lower than any other time of the year in the summer.  It exposes a lot of sand and a lot of fun to be had.  We were blessed with nice weather in the 70’s, not too hot, not too cold.  All for the wild chase for the geoduck.  Alex had his bucket and shovel and was learning from Grandpa T. how to dig this big beast. 

the beach geoduckin tide-5 Final


 the beach geoduckin tide-6 Final



the beach geoduckin tide-14 Final


 the beach geoduckin tide-15 Final


Alex and Grandma Connie sure had fun on the beach!  They made trails and found feathers and crabs, learned that seaweed wasn’t that scary and learned what a mosquito is and what it does (lands on you, eats a little tiny bit of blood, and puts some itchy stuff in you and makes a bump).    

the beach geoduckin tide-21 Final



We even got to see about the cutest “plumber’s crack” you could ever see – only cute on a 3 year old!

the beach geoduckin tide-24 Final


Sara was just lounging around – letting all the big kids do all the work. She was comfortable in her car seat and under the big umbrella at the beach.  I was worried she would get too much sun at the beach but the umbrella worked perfectly.  Either that, or I wouldn’t have been at the beach and would’ve had to stay up at the house. 

the beach geoduckin tide-37 Final


Then we came back to Grandma Judy’s and had ice cream!the beach geoduckin tide-50 Final

And some grandma holding time… of course!

 the beach geoduckin tide-60 Final



the beach geoduckin tide-72 Final


And then, Lance drove back to the beach with this – A BOAT!  I’m not sure who is more excited – Lance or Alex!  Lance has wanted a boat for about forever and finally decided to get one (even though we talked about it and it was going to happen next summer – not this summer – but I’m not complaining – I promise!). 


We are looking forward to many fun times with this boat in the years to come. 



the beach geoduckin tide-73 Final