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Alex gets a haircut

Look how handsome I am with my new haircut!Alex's new haircut-5 Final
OK, Mommy says no smiling (great photography trick, by the way).Alex's new haircut-6 Final
Oh – it’s so hard to not smile!Alex's new haircut-7 Final
OK – I give up – smiling it is!Alex's new haircut-8 Final
Even a super smile!Alex's new haircut-9 Final
See there – my new haircut – it’s right up thereAlex's new haircut-10 Final
OK, no smiling again just cause I’m so cute!Alex's new haircut-11 Final
OK Mommy – no more pictures – this one shows my underwear!Alex's new haircut-13 FinalOK, maybe just one more smile!
Alex's new haircut-17 Final

All the while – Mommy mourns the loss of the curls until it grows again…
Curly hair (3) FinalCurly hair (2) Final


Anonymous said...

OMG! Love it!
'Bama C