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Baby Chiropractic


Throughout my pregnancy with Sara, I saw a chiropractor and I had never seen one before in my entire life.  My pregnancy with Alex I had pain in my ribs as I got bigger and bigger.  It felt like my rib bones were rubbing together and it hurt.  A friend of mine recommended seeing a chiropractor, she said it did wonders for her.  So, when I was pregnant and the aching back started hurting so bad at only 2-3 months along (way earlier than with Alex) I decided to see a chiropractor.  She told me that it would help with the high blood pressure, the headaches, the back aches and the rib pain.  I loved it!  At first, I didn’t feel much difference.  I think my second treatment – I fainted (due to low blood pressure from the first trimester of pregnancy and the chiropractic treatment lowering my BP even further).  After that – I was a true believer.  It really did help.  I went 3x/week for a while, then 2x, then just 1x a week.  She also did the Webster's Technique on me.  Sara was often transverse – or sideways.  She would push on tight spots on the round ligaments of my uterus and would just push on them to release the tension.  Within ~2 hours – Sara would turn head down.  It was amazing. 


She told me that all we had to do is get this baby lined up and she would come out.  And that is what happened.  I remember picking her out of a handful of potential doctors because she said in her profile that she has 4 kids.  I thought to myself – there is many things I can learn from her and I definitely have.  She’s almost like a chiropractor/therapist to our whole family.


The amazing thing is that Sara gets chiropractic, too!  My chiropractor recommended her coming as soon as we could after she was born.  We took her in when she was 3 days old.  The picture below was taken in May, so maybe she was 6 weeks old.  Sara loves it!  She just relaxes and often poops while being adjusted.  Here she is getting her neck adjusted and she just stretches out her legs and arms and just has a look of Ahhhh on her face. 


Alex also goes and sees her when needed.  She is so wonderful with him and often asks – do you have popcorn in your back?  He giggles and loves it.  Turns out his neck is just like mine and is our problem area.  He especially needs to go when he’s sick to prevent ear infections. 


Lance also goes to see her!  Lance has had many years of chiropractic – he is experienced, let’s just say that.  His back always hurts him, sometimes more, sometimes less.  With the birth of Sara and with the way he holds her – he has returned to get adjusted and has started doing the exercises recommended by the rehab people.  He is strengthening his core by doing all sorts of exercises and is strengthening all the muscles that support the spine to decrease the adjustments needed.  He has seen some remarkable changes – like going from a lot of pain to being relatively pain free.  He continues to go and do the exercises which will help him maintain his pain free lifestyle in the long run. 


Overall – we  couldn’t be happier with it and I would totally recommend it to anyone. 



Sara getting chiropractic-3 Final