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My Lil Kicker

We had our first soccer session this last weekend and it definitely had some highs and lows.  First off, we think Alex really will like it a lot – it’s just his style, if you know what I mean!  It’s 50 minutes of active time to get some of that physical energy out.


We got to Arena Sports a bit early on Saturday and were checking things out.  Some of the parents and kids were warming up on the field and so Alex and I got a soccer ball and we did some kicking around.  The coach was WONDERFUL and came up and introduced himself and asked Alex if he wanted to kick the ball with him.  He said Yes and off they went.  I think the other kids in the class had been in previous sessions and the coach recognized that Alex was new to the program.  It was a great start!


They started with some warm up drills with touching their foot to the ball and then the other foot.  Some hopping here and hopping there.  Alex looked so cute in his new “soccer jersey and soccer shorts”, as he calls them I was just overwhelmed!  They did some drills of running back and forth from one side to the other, walking backwards, some red-light/green-light. 


   Alex soccer-12 Final

During one of the jogging warm ups, another kiddo accidentally (and didn’t even know it) bumped Alex’s nose in just the right spot.  I was taking photos (of course!) and caught this one below before I even knew he was hurt.  The WONDERFUL coach recognized he was hurt and picked him up.  I had to run to the other field to get in and through that sideline to the field that Alex was on.  He had a bloody nose and his confidence was rocked a bit.  He didn’t know what had happened and didn’t know it was an accident and as with all boo-boo’s right now – they are judged based on blood.  If there is blood – then it hurts.  If there is not, then it doesn’t.  So his question was “is there blood?”.    I said there was a little bit and thankfully had some tissue in my pocket to wipe it up with. 


We spent a couple of minutes on the sideline recomposing him and making sure he was OK.  After a quick drink of water, he was back on the field.  Everyone was so nice a Arena Sports.  A lot of parents were asking me if he was OK and many parents introduced themselves and their children.  It was such a nice environment. 

Alex soccer-18 Final

They played little games – not soccer games, but shark games and monkey games and had all sorts of fun.

Alex soccer-25 Final

Then, since Alex had a runny nose from a cold, he could feel something coming out of his nose and sure enough – a little bit more bloody nose.  But, I was on the sidelines and quickly wiped it up.  He was back having fun. 

Alex soccer-33 Final


Running, kicking, laughing, playing… Alex soccer-34 Final

 Alex soccer-37 Final

 Alex soccer-39 Final

Until there was more blood – then he was done.  It was break time and he had to go to the bathroom.  So, Lance took him, but it was all over.  No more playing.  He just had too much.  We just sat on the sidelines and watched the class in the last 15 minutes and he drank some water and ate a snack.  He was such a trooper. 

Alex soccer-40 Final

We are sure that next week will be better.  He’ll get to know the routine of the sessions and have more fun.  Hopefully no more bloody noses!  And more cute soccer jersey pictures to come!