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Powder room remodel


It’s one of those “nesting” things – you know – where you get all this energy and drive to start and complete things around the house to “get ready for the baby”.  Well – this is a great example. 

What an ugly and I mean UGLY powder room.  We’ve only been living with it for 6 1/2 years…

Since it’s our only downstairs bathroom – it gets used a lot.  And it’s SO UGLY!  The powder blue sink is original to the house – circa 1984.  Same with the tile – who thought that was attractive?  The classic oak cabinets – not in bad shape, but oak.  Sometimes it feels like everything in the house is OAK.  Sometimes too much oak.  We have beautiful oak flooring, but it doesn’t go underneath the cabinet. 

It would be beautiful to put in a pedestal sink, but the flooring would be a problem.  We could install some more flooring, but it wouldn’t match and would be a lot of work to make it match.  Too much work for even a nesting pregnant lady. 


Powder Room Remodel-2 Final Powder Room Remodel-1 Final

We’re in the process right now of giving this small space a major update.  We’re keeping an ode to the blue – but in a totally different way – you’ll just have to wait and see!!!

It’s going to be beautiful!