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Capturing conflict in photography

I’m following along with some photography exercises with a blog I love to read Me Ra Koh Photography, which is also the workshop that I attended nearly a year ago. 

Photo exercise # 1 was all about capturing details and how details tell the story. Photo exercise # 1  This is something that I definitely have to work on.  I often find myself looking at the pictures I’ve taken and find them all from the same wide view.  Capturing the details, as well as the wide views, and everything in between tells the story of what is happening – the whole story.  From this exercise – I’m trying to remember to capture more detailed shots that are closer and more intimate with the subject. 


Photo exercise #2 is all about conflict!  Photo exercise #2 


So, What is conflict? 


Her is her definition: 

“Conflict isn’t necessarily bad or negative. 

It is a moment of emotion, tension, struggle, achievement, or an exchange between two people with something hanging in the balance. 

Conflict images need to tell us something about your subjects.  They make your subjects more dimensional instead of a flat, one dimensional image. 

The Conflict revealed in an image allows us to connect with the subject because we now identify with their struggle, achievement, tension, emotion…whether it be positive or negative.  A Conflict image can be the expressions you know so well—the single expressions that say so much about the ones you love. 

The Conflict images give us a window into their lives.”


How’s this for conflict?

IMG_0597 Final When Alex was having so much fun sledding in Leavenworth – that he didn’t want to leave. 


holding a worm (7)FINAL-3

Or holding a worm in his hands and being a little scared because it’s “slimy”


Beach house 2008 (29) Final Or being SO EXCITED to see the ocean for the first time


Anonymous said...

Alex wears his heart and emotions on his sleeve, as the saying goes. Iit provides some great photo ops, and you have captured them beautifully! Love them. CK