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New Torgesen Family Times blog design



Check it out (Torgesen Family Times) – isn’t it beautiful?  (if you’re viewing from a feed – click on over so you can see the design)


I especially love the photos at the top – and I even figured out photoshop enough (I’m trying to learn a bit)  to be able to make those compositions.  And that’s saying quite a bit!  I’m going to work on putting some of my favorite photos up there – so stay tuned.


I love reading blogs in the mornings and while reading a blog on Friday I saw a link for a new blog template that I loved at a price I couldn’t refuse - $12!  I’ve been looking for something to spice things up a a bit!  I got it here if you want to check it out and see what else she has to offer: cinnamon girl studio design.


I love that it’s an extra wide blog that is great for pictures.  I can post some big photos without them being cut off. 


Let’s try it out – see what it looks like! 


Behold my “rockstar” son  (I have no idea where he knows the word “rockstar”) 

He got the glasses from preschool and found a “phishing stick” which is a large curved cedar branch in the yard.  He spent a considerable time on Saturday with the nice weather “phishing” in the ditch. 

I bet Papa Teeb (Grandpa Steve) is so excited right now! 

IMG_1128 Finala

IMG_1134 FinalIMG_1130 Final