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Maternity photos


I recently had some maternity photos taken by Keri Meyers.  She’s a great local photographer who also took our Fall photos last year that we used on our Christmas card.  We’ve also hired her to take newborn photos when our little girl arrives.  Look forward to that!


I wanted to post a few – I love them and so glad that I got them taken.  This time around has been so different for me.  I feel so much better and feel like I look so much better.  When I was pregnant with Alex, I just didn’t feel good or think I looked good.  But, this time is different.  And, plus – I’m not planning on getting pregnant again – this is my last chance to savor every moment.


I love all of them, but especially the one with Alex kissing his baby sister.  Every morning and sometimes throughout the day – he comes over to me and “hugs and kisses his baby sister”.  Even though he sometimes hugs and kisses with a little too much intensity – I still love it and love that he does this.   I want to remember these moments forever.

What a loving big brother Alex is.  He also asks when she is going to come out and we say after his birthday – he is really excited to have her out.  He talks about how he will share his toys with her and he wants to teach her how to play football someday.  When he does something that is very “big boy” we say something to him like “what a big boy you are becoming” and he says “NO, I’m not a big boy – I’m a big brother!”. 

Although we know that when she actually joins us – it won’t be all this love and affection.  We are bracing ourselves (as best we can) for all sorts of behavior issues related to having a new member to our family.  We are enjoying these loving moments for now – staying in the present. 


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zoe said...

Spectacular beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

Not only are you gorgeous, but the photos are too!