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Lawn mower ears

Alex LOVES to ride the lawnmower with Daddy.  LOVES IT!  


(Well, I guess he did go through a short phase where he was scared of it, but now back to complete obsession!)


The green grass is starting to grow around here and the lawn will need to be mowed soon!


The only problem with riding with Daddy on the “lawn mow” is that it’s so loud.  I don’t want to hurt his little ears.  For a while we could get him to wear Lance’s ear protection, but it didn’t quite fit and I didn’t want Lance’s ears to be damaged either.  We looked at Home Depot but couldn’t find anything for kids. 


So, in comes the Super bowl…






I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner… of course! 


So, I ordered some “junior” ear protection from the internet and they arrived in the mail.  The day they arrived – he wouldn’t take them off!  He wore them all evening and even slept with them in his bed (not on him, but next to him) all night long.  He was waiting ALL week to try them out this past weekend.  On Saturday morning, it was the normal pancake routine at ~7 AM, then he immediately wanted to go out and try out his “lawnmower ears” as he calls them (they are also called “chainsaw ears” if there is a chainsaw nearby).  We convinced him that the neighbors wouldn’t be happy with us if we started up the lawnmower until after nap time. 


“Mama – why do you want to take a picture of me with my chainsaw ears?”


“Because you’re so cute!”IMG_1084 Final

Waving to Mommy while riding the lawnmower  IMG_1092 Final

Steering the lawnmower IMG_1097 Final

Proud Daddy!

“Hey wait a minute!  Maybe I can teach him to mow the lawn and he’ll do it for me…” IMG_1101 Final

Look Ma – no hands (OK, only one hand on the steering wheel)

IMG_1105 Final