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Wiggle Worms



Sara used to be fairly reserved and some would call slightly shy.  Well, no more!  She is out of her shell!  We have been going to Wiggle Worms (tumbling for toddlers) all Fall/Winter and Spring long, we just have one more session.  I just had to share this since she loves it so much.  We wait on the steps and she looks down at where it will be and waits patiently on the steps with her card in hand.  When it’s time for Wiggle Worms, the teachers calls for them and there she goes ready to turn in her card to the teacher. 




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The first thing we do is the trampolines.  She runs up and down them and falls down (but doesn’t get hurt, don’t worry) and just giggles and giggles.  She is very aware of the other kids and has been really careful about slowing down or going around other kids, thankfully.  Some kids are oblivious and there have been a few head on crashes that totally are not fun. 

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Unlike her brother, she DOES NOT like the foam blocks.  Alex would love to be thrown in from un-godly heights.  Over and over and over again.  It was so fun to him.  She HATES the foam blocks, unless of course she is stacking them or knocking them into the pit.  But, NO-SIR-EE-BOB is she to be even gently tossed in.  “No, like it Mommy”.

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Next, we move to an obstacle course area that is different every time we go.  She loves the hula hoops when they are out and loves the colors.  There are balance beams, things to crawl on, under, over, through, all sorts of fun things. 


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And then to the last space during Wiggle Worms class – upstairs where there is the plastic ball pit.  Oh the love of the plastic balls!  She gets right in and buries herself and just lays there.  LOVES them!!! 


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There are also the rings which she loves, too.  She swings and kicks up her legs, kids abs are so strong! 



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One of the best parts is getting stamps at the end.  The teacher usually only gives one stamp, unless you come back and get more.  So, she does and usually ends up getting one on each hand and one on her tummy.  She loves this part!  She comes home and shows everyone what her stamp is and all the locations her stamps are at.  She’ll often look at them that whole weekend, or until they get washed off.

 Sad smile


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Wiggle worms is a parent/child class – but next Fall she’ll be ready for Mighty Mites where it’s lead by a teacher.  Snif Snif.