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Last day of preschool

Today we celebrated (sniff sniff) the last day of Montessori preschool for Alex.  He is going to kindergarten in the Fall! 

He will be going to various camps offered at Evergreen Montessori over the summer, space camp, soccer camp, circus camp, cooking camp, and all of them will be so much fun.  It took me a while today to figure out the momentous step we are taking right now.  I knew that I wanted to take their pictures on the last day of school, just like on the first day of school, but it didn’t hit me that my boy is now a kindergartener until this evening.  Alex is totally ready and we are so excited for him.

When you look back at the first day of school (well, second day, but who’s counting) from last August, Sara has changed SO much!  She’s talking up a storm, independent, sassy and totally fun!  Her hair is so long and she’s probably grown at least 4 inches in height since then.  Wow!

last day preschool 2012-2-blog2

last day preschool 2012-6-blog2

I was reading some poems that reminded me of how fast time goes by when you have kids.  How fast indeed. 

Rocking My Baby
Cleaning and scrubbing
can wait ‘til tomorrow

For babies grow up
we learn to our sorrow
So quiet down cobwebs
and dust go to sleep
I'm rocking my baby
and babies don't keep

~ Author Unknown ~

A Touch of Love
He was six months old and full of fun,
With a blink of an eye, he was suddenly one.
There were so many things we were going to do,
But I turned my head and he was two.
At two he was very dependent on me,
But independence took over when he turned three.
His third birthday, another year I tried to ignore,
But when I lit the candles, there weren't three, but four.
Four was the year that he really strived,
Why, look at him now, he's already five.
Now he's ready for books and for rules,
This is the year that he goes to school.
The big day came, he was anxious to go,
We rode to school, going so, so slow.
As he climbed the steps and waived goodbye,
I felt a lump in my throat and tears stung in my eyes.
Time goes so fast, its hard to believe,
That just yesterday he was here at home with me.
And tomorrow when he drives home,
And I hear his music pound,
He'll be wearing his cap and graduation gown.
So I'm holding to the moments as hard as I can,
Because the next time I look, I'll be seeing a man.
~ Author Unknown ~

My Daughter Grows Up
Life is fleeting, years rush past . . .
and little girls grow up so fast!
Let me take time out to be
glad that mine's still here with me.
And though I'm busy through the day,
let me take time out to play . . .
Let me take time out to smile,
to linger with her for a while . . .
To invite her under the table for tea
and dress up silly as can be.
Let me take time out to sing
and dance and skip
and twirl and swing . . .
To splash in puddles when it rains
and make her fancy daisy chains.
Let me take time out to hear
about the things that she holds dear.
Let me tuck her in at night,
hear her prayers, turn off the light.
And for one more moment let me pray
and thank God that we shared this day!