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Moab, part 3


After a wiggly 2 year old and sore arms from carrying her on the hike the day before, my wonderful cousin’s sister-in-law lent us a backpack for Sara.  It was very comfortable Lance said.  And Sara was a happy rider indeed!


The next hike we did was Kane creek.  This is a walking, biking and jeep trail area that starts on a gravel road, goes down to Kane Creek presumably, then you can go up the rocky mountains behind and see some amazing petroglyphs. 


We had a great time, but it was getting near nap time for Sara (thank goodness for the backpack) and it was getting quite hot.  It was probably the upper 80’s that day.  It was funny to see my Mom on such a strenuous hike.  My cousin even came with us and I was so impressed, since she had just given birth 6 weeks ago!  But, with her baby in a carrier, she made it up just fine.  




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The owl


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The Eagle

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Big horn sheep

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Here is where Alex was just so interested in the cactus, and just was leaning a bit too much and fell into one.  Lance was right there and started to assess the situation.  Since he was taking care of Alex, I pulled out my trusty camera and got some shots.  Although the first one was very overexposed, I was really moving too quick to adjust anything right then. 



Moab trip-291 blog


The little needles in Alex’s skin were all up and down the side of his hand and arm.  Lance pulled the big ones out and most of the small little finer ones too.  Let’s just say that Alex learned what a cactus really is (and does) on this vacation.


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Alex needed a bit of consoling after that and asked Daddy to carry him for a bit.  I had Sara and was carrying her at that point. 



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It was getting really hot and Alex had learned from his second cousins to pour water on his shirt and head to get a bit cooler.  So fun!


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I just couldn’t resist asking Lance to take a picture of me and Alex holding hands on the way down. 


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Here is a pretty good picture of showing where we started (where I was standing) and where we went to (to the left of that arch area).  We climbed down to the creek area (can’t see it from this picture) and up to the arch area.  It was a strenuous, but very fun hike!


Moab trip-310 blog



The next day we went to Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park.  It was a beautiful day, but boy was it windy up there.  We saw some beautiful sights and have some great memories (like Lance getting pulled over for driving to fast!). 



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There were more “moos” up in this area, and this was by far Sara’s favorite thing of the day.



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Mesa Arch at Canyonlands was very cool!  It’s hard to see in this photo, but the arch is at the edge of the rim.  You can sit right there by the arch, but do go too far or lean back – it’s about 2000 ft down!  We kept a very close watch on our kids at this spot.  Most of the other places in Canyonlands had guard rails or some other safety features. 


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There were some amazing rocky areas that were safe enough for Alex to go rock climbing and even some spots to jump in to Daddy’s arms (his favorite).


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The views were simply amazing!


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We came home after a long day of driving and Alex and Grandma learned how to play Mexican Train Dominos with Aunt Carolyn.  A really fun game that Alex can totally play!


Moab trip-407 blog


The next morning we woke up to this!  I guess that is the high dessert for you! 



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