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Cabin progress


Oh – we are making quite a bit of progress on the cabin.   Slowly but surely, little tiny bits of progress. It went up so quickly with the big parts, the walls, the roof, the floor going up in only ~ 2 months.  But now, things seem to be dragging and dragging and dragging.  It feels like every other weekend we are down at the cabin working and making small amounts of progress.  It actually feels like we are always working.  But, finally, finally, finally – we have some progress to show for it.


It is by no means anywhere close to done.  No.Where.  But, it’s getting closer and we are able to stay there now the weather is warmer, which is nice. 


The upstairs loft is getting the most attention lately.  It’s about 2/3 of a floor, so I can’t quite stand up in it.  But, that’s OK since we really should be outside at such a beautiful location. 


The upstairs have gotten a new coat of porch paint for the floors and most of the ceiling is done.  There are some tricky angles, as you can see.  But, Lance is diligently working away to get it all together and the insulation all hidden away from the kids level. 


The walls are up, and still need some caulking and some paint, but the hardest part of all the cutting and measuring is done. 


We have some twin beds for us and some smaller-than-twins for the kids.  We tested them out on Saturday night and it was very comfortable! 

Cabin progress-1-blog2


Cabin progress-3-blog2


The loft stairs have been installed and we can now get up and down very easily.  The downstairs, as you can see is still studs.  We are planning on leaving it like that for the summer to be able to have some fun and not just keep working, working, working on it.  We will paint the downstairs floor too to make it easier to keep clean.  Other than buying a very small fold-out couch and maybe a small table/chairs, we are done with the downstairs for the foreseeable future (or until Lance gets an itch to work on it again, which ever comes first).




The outside is looking really fabulous.  It looks almost done, until you realize that the yellow color is just primer.  Bummer!  Although, I really do like the light yellow color so we plan to paint it roughly that same buttery yellow color, so it is nice to see what it looks like before taking the big plunge and buying the paint. The shingles will stay the same color and we painted the door last Fall, but it came out all blotchy, probably because we were pushing it in terms of temperature when it was drying.  It will have to be re-painted. But, not anytime soon. 





Here’s where a long day will be spent this upcoming week or two – all that wood that is laying on the ground needs to be split and stacked in that nice shed/covered-area that Lance built.  There is a lot of wood, so Lance is planning on getting a log splitter.  It will be so nice to get this off the ground and stacked and ready for s’mores time!  We have a picnic table that is perfect for this site and just love sitting around the campfire. 




Here is Lance and Sara celebrating the end of a nice long (fun) work day at the cabin.  Whew!  It sure is a lot of work to build this thing, but we sure love it and have been having fun learning about all sorts of things and Lance enjoys doing something completely different from his day (desk/computer) job.  We enjoy seeing Grandma Judy a lot and the kids are really loving that so much!



We hope that now that we’ve got a nice area, we can have lots of people come down and enjoy it with us.  If you are interested in enjoying the beach, playing in the sand, playing on the boat (if the tides are right for putting in and taking out the boat), getting clams, oysters, even geo-duck – let us know. 


We would love to have you join us!