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Well, after catching up on all my photos for the past 2 months, my computer getting a virus and having it at the fix-it shop, having it slow down again, I just went out and bought myself a Mother’s Day present to myself - - - a new lighting fast computer!  So, I had to transfer everything over (not the fastest of tasks, but not difficult if you kept all the original disks) and now I think I’m up and running again.  Yeah!


It’s been nice to have this break.  Lately I’ve been struggling with the whole blogging thing.  I mean, I love blogging and I love showing pictures, but after 622 posts and 5 years of blogging, I think I just needed some time off.  So, hopefully with my new computer and some time away, I’ll be back to my normal postings soon.



So, here we are in May and the kids got their well child appointments way back at the beginning of April. 


Both kids stats from last year to compare


Sara – 2 years old. 

(here are Alex’s stats from 2 years old if you want to compare Alex stats 2 years old, but I’m sure you don’t compare the kids at all, do you?


Height: 36 1/2 inches (98th %)

Weight: 27 lbs. 8 oz. (75th%)

Shoe size: 8


Sara’s talking has EXPLODED.  Some of her favorite things to say are:

Peanu-budda-jelly peeeaaaaasssss (peanut butter jelly sandwich please) – her favorite food that she would live off if she could

So Sad

So Silly

Happy (she’s learning all about feelings right now and recognizing when she’s having a feeling and when other people are having feelings)

My bubble/my body (when Alex gets in her space this is what she says to him)

Chocolick (chocolate)

Oh my goodness!

Boy or girl?  I ask Sara if someone is a boy or girl and she loves this game.  At first she didn’t know, but now she does! 


She has learned how to pedel a tricycle a little bit as long as there is a slight decline, she can do it!


She loves singing songs including twinkle twinkle (sounds like tinkle tinkle, so cute!), ABCs, the itsy bitsy spider, and many other songs.


She LOVES playing with brother, most of the time.  Sometimes they really get into taking the cushions off the couches and making forts and jumping over the lava. 


She is really good at puzzles!  We have many puzzles and she loves doing them.  Sometimes we take out three puzzles at a time and mix up all the pieces and, with a little help, can get all the pieces where they go.  She thinks it’s so funny, and even does it herself to crack me up, to put the puzzle piece in the wrong spot and says “go here? …. no…..  go here? …. no….”  Laughing and laughing….


She loves baths and playing with boats in the bathtub. 


We’ve gotten her pretty well trained with wearing hats and getting sunscreen on.  It helps that she sees big brother do it.  I love these hats that Sunday Afternoons sells.  They are so breathable, lightweight and have a SPF of 50!  I’ve just ordered some more sizes since we’ll need them this summer!


Mother's Day 2012-21-blog

Sara all protected from the sun, ready for the water!


Mothers Day tea at preschool-26-blog

Sara and her best friend Natalie at preschool. 


Alex – 5 years old. 


Height: 46 inches (94th %)

Weight: 45 lbs. (75th%)

Shoe size: 13



Alex is growing up to be so big!  He is excited for kindergarten this Fall and even comes home and tells me he needs to practice doing homework for next year.  Very excited!  He loves Superheros and anything Ninja or Secret Agent.  He has discovered Ninjago (Ninja Legos) cartoons and legos and just loves them.  He watches the cartoon and tells me that this ninja is trying to find his “true potential”.  So funny!  He loves playing with all kids and has made a special friendship with a neighborhood boy right across the street who is 3 1/2.  They love playing with each other every night after preschool, especially now the weather is nice and the days are long.  There also is some new neighbors behind us that have a 6 year old girl and a 2 year old boy!  He loves taking his tools out to work on the tree fort and other projects.  


One night when he climbed into our bed (again) in the middle of the night, we asked him in the morning why he comes into our bed.  He said “you guys are so warm and Daddy is like a noisemaker”.  Ha ha ha!  We have a noisemaker that he used to use that now Sara has in her room.  It literally makes white noise that helps the kids sleep.  It also evens out the noise at night in case there is a loud dog bark or something in the house that would wake the kids up, just when they are almost asleep.  It’s been a lifesaver.  Well, apparently Daddy makes noises at night that put Alex to sleep!


His favorite foods are watermelon, corn on the cob and ravioli.  He loves his sports and activities, perhaps mostly because they are social, but also because they are athletic and he has so much wiggles and energy. 


More T-ball-7-blog

Alex at T-ball


Alex at preschool-2 blog

Zach, Aiden and Alex at preschool.  His best buddies.  When ever he talks about them, it’s “ZachandAiden”.  Playing with his friends are one of his best things every day.