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Sara’s first haircut


We scheduled Sara’s first haircut on Saturday this past weekend.  Her hair was getting a bit long and needed a little evening out.  I had trimmed her bangs (a little crooked) and so we decided to take the plunge.  I knew my baby wouldn’t look the same after this…


This is a kids hair salon and shop, so she got to sit in an airplane to get her haircut.  She wasn’t too sure at first…  She got some sprays of water and then the haircut.



Sara's first haircut-3 blog


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The hairstylist asked my if she would mind a blow dry on low, and I thought she would be OK with it.  She didn’t love it, but didn’t hate it as much as this photo below makes it seem. 


Sara's first haircut-18 blog


This was the best part!  I asked for her to see a mirror, just like when I get a haircut, and she looked at herself and just smiled and smiles.  So pretty!  The hairstylist just took a tiny bit off, with mostly just shaping and helping the long parts (that naturally go straight forward) stay out of her eyes and face. 

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Sara's first haircut-24 blog

We got some Mama and Sara photos by a lovely tree and a stream where there were ducks and she just loved those too!  What a wonderful first haircut!  I’m so glad the curls decided to stay around!

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