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Moab trip, part 1



For Spring Break, we were searching for somewhere sunny and preferably warm to go.  We were thinking San Antonio, Phoenix, Florida…  Some place new, but for sure had to be sunny!


Well, we decided on Moab, Utah.  Why Moab you ask?  My Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Bill live there, as well as my cousin Becky and her two kiddos.  We have never been and had been talking about it over the years, but babies/pregnancies never made it easy.  Then this year it just worked out.  My Mom was making plans and we decided to hitch a ride! 



We first made our way to the airport, parking the car, riding the shuttle, waiting for the airplane.  Everything went very smoothly.  Sara was so excited for her first airplane ride!  She squeaked in sitting on my lap, 2 years old is the limit, and saved us about $250!  She didn’t sleep a wink, but keep me busy with toys and reading.   



Moab trip-1 blog


Moab trip-14 blog



Lance and Alex used Lance’s miles to fly free and had to take a layover in San Francisco, it was a good thing that we had this hotel! Otherwise we would’ve been driving in the middle of the night! They arrived at ~ 7pm I think (SLC time, so the kids were still on SEA time). My Mom, Sara and I got the car, got dinner ordered (pizza) and went to pick up the boys from the airport later than expected. We were supposed to arrive at the same time, but layovers and delays don’t make good time. So, we picked them up about 6 hours after they were supposed to land. Safe and happy flights, though. Alex was a trooper Lance said.


Then, we had arranged a hotel in Salt Lake City for the night.  After a day of traveling for the kids, we thought this would be a good idea to break up the trip a bit.  Boy was it ever a great idea!  Lance found a nice hotel with a swimming pool that we knew they would love and they took full advantage. 


Alex can full on swim with the water wings.  It was fun to see!  There were other kids in the pool and somebody let us borrow these.  Alex loved them and they really helped with that last little lift to fully swim, well doggie paddle with little to no help. 


Moab trip-55 blog


The kids were tired puppies that night.  Here they are snuggling in the hotel bed after swimming, winding down watching whatever cartoons were on tv. 


Moab trip-56 blog



The next morning we ate breakfast and waited for the pool to open.  Waiting is so hard when a pool is >>>>>  right there!  We got all ready and jumped in the pool when it finally opened to get some wiggles out before the long 4 hour drive to Moab.  Sara got it and had a blast!  She still talks about “swimming in the water with Bama Sandy”. 


Moab trip-60 blog


Moab trip-67 blog



We were all in the pool this time and I even got my picture taken (rare these days, unless specifically requested).  I just love these next photos below of us in the pool.  We had a great time that morning. 


Moab trip-75 blog


Moab trip-79 blog


Then it was time to hit the road.  It was VERY bright in SLC.  I brought sunglasses for the kiddos, they didn’t wear them, but they were sure fun for ~ 5 minutes. 


Moab trip-95 blog




We stopped about half way in Price, Utah and got some Taco Time and found a play ground to stretch our legs.  Again, another great call to plan a break for lunch and find a playground. We stopped at the same place on the way back, because basically, there is nothing else in between these two places…


Moab trip-106 blog

Moab trip-111 blog




To be continued…