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iPhone – my favorite camera apps




There is a famous saying that by Chase Jarvis that “The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You”. (right now)


He has even published a book entirely of iPhone pictures – pretty great, huh!




Well here is my latest and greatest camera – on me all the time – my new iPhone. 





Oh my gosh!  I’m having so much fun!  Here are my favorite “apps” in no particular order (you’ll see the photos of some of these apps below):  Hipstamatic, Camera+, Nightshot, Incredibooth or Pocketbooth, Retro Camera, Shake it Lite, Self Photo, Muybridgizer, just to name a few.






Bella sitting in the sun soaked window – her favorite spot



A “polaroid” of Sara in her high chair



Sara shakin’ her bottle



Sara in the bathtub



Alex, too.



Alex playing soccer



the family playing in the living room



A snowy tree with blue sky (It is up there somewhere - the sky is blue!)


kids in bath3

The kids in the bath together


kids in bath 1




photobooth sara 10 mo

And a photo booth strip of Sara



F&G show (2)

Sara and Mama at the Flower and Garden Show


Alex sleeping in car

Alex fast asleep in the car  (Ok, this one was not taken with my iPhone, but Lance sent it to me on my iPhone!)



Muybridgizer – it takes 9-12 photos in a series and you can play them back like an old movie