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Alex’s drawings



Alex has been BIG-TIME into drawing lately, wanting to trace, wanting to draw numbers and letters and my favorite, pictures of himself.  this picture below is when Lance went on a business trip to Florida (Flor-did-da) and Alex and I drew a picture of Daddy on the airplane.  He wasn’t quite sure about it, so I did the first part and he wanted to trace, making sure that I had the propellers up front, just like real planes, Mom.    He then drew Daddy on the airplane. 




Alex's drawing of Daddy on an airplane-1 blog


These next two are self-portraits of himself.  He started off with just a head, arms, legs and eyes, and he always adds the penis, too.  The next one is quite complex with added hair, ears, mouth, nose, fingers and toes. 


I just love these so much, I had to take a picture!  I love how he is developing a sense of what he looks like in a drawing.  I love his creative side.  I can’t wait to see more!


Self portraits Alex 3.5 year old-1 blog


Self portraits Alex 3.5 year old-2 blog