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2011 goals



Each year, I look back and look forward.  I think setting goals each year helps you see patterns, make changes where you want to, and help get you to long term goal success.  A feedback loop, if you will.  It’s both helpful in the short term and long term.  It get’s you to think about where your aiming.  Otherwise, I feel like you can just wander around and not really go in the direction you want to go.


Although this year I’ve struggled (obviously, since it’s late February!).  I struggle with putting more goals out there as I totally feel the need to be able to cross them all off.  I am one of those folks, yes.  I want to actually accomplish what I set out to do – 100%, all of it.  But, this year, I guess it’s different.  I want to look back at this list at the end of the year and think I did a darn good job accomplishing 60% of what I set out to do.  That would be success this year.  I want to stretch, reach and do new things.  Life is moving so fast, and I’m not going to wait around, but live it fully.


What really freaks me out is that some of these goals are directly in opposition to each other.  How I will balance these is up in the air.

Less computer time, make photo books. 

Spend less, redo bathroom for kids. 


So, without further ado



Make more goals than I can actually accomplish – check!

start practicing yoga again for flexibility, endurance & strength

start running again during lunch time, after pumping ends

Take at least a photo a week of my kids each

Make a photo book – start with 2010 and make my way back to 2007

Put historical family photos on wall of our office

lose 10+ pounds of baby weight

“Life is meant to be lived … not watched” (much less tv, MUCH less facebook, MUCH MUCH less mindless computer time)

”procrastination is the thief of time” – I find that I can get so much more done if I just do it – stop procrastinating with that pile of paper on my desk that I have to do X and Y with – just do it! 


Lance (a man of few words this year):

lose weight, exercise, healthier

don’t bring home work at night


clean up misc credit cards


Kids (I wrote these for them):

Get Alex in as many sports as he wants (soccer, t-ball, swimming, dance, tumbling, basketball, etc)

Alex start doing chores around the house – right now it is folding towels (he’s surprisingly good at this!) and putting his laundry in the basket, putting clean clothes away.

Ask what Alex wants to do and do it 4 times, no matter what

Figure out where kids will sleep this year.  We would love to leave the spare bedroom for guests, but I need to get Sara to sleep in her own bed sometime this year.  How/when/where we will do this – is still up in the air.

Enroll Sara at a daycare/preschool this summer/fall



Date night once each month

Plan camping trips and a REAL vacation

live within means

monitor miscellaneous spending by writing up on a board, reduce this part of our budget dramatically

go to the beach a lot this summer and go boating

use TV less as a babysitter to Alex

refresh the guest/kids bathroom (refresh is just the nice budget friendly way of saying total redo) 

buy real master bedroom furniture, not metal bedframes and hand-me-down furniture

donate money throughout year, not just at the end of the year

eat dinner together as a family of four - 3-4x/week

overnight weekend getaway for Lance and Allison



build a 200 sq ft cabin at our beach property in Gig Harbor

clear some of the land, build a driveway, a place to park the boat, a campfire area, have a picnic table and spend the night there this summer.