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Alex’s new preschool





Alex started another preschool 2 weeks ago.  It was a tough transition, considering he was really looking forward to “big kid” school.  Some of his other friends had left his preschool and Alex talked and asked to go to “big boy” school.  He wanted to go so badly!  We looked around in December, but choose to keep him there at his current preschool.  He would be the oldest kid there, but it would be an opportunity for him to step up.  Unfortunately, they decided to close down end of January (it was an in-home daycare/preschool). 


So, the decision was made for us! 


We choose Evergreen Montessori in Kirkland and so far it has been great!  I love that Alex is in Montessori type school since he is SO smart and this will allow him to really fly off in whatever direction, and level, he is at and wants to go. 


The transition has been rough.  I had been doing pick-ups (the easiest to do) for a long while, but with this new schedule of having to get to school by 9AM since that is when school started, I would do drop-offs and Lance would do pickups.  His office is literally 100 ft away from Evergreen Montessori. 


The first week (except for the first day) was horrible.  Alex was screaming the whole way to preschool, sobbing with big tears coming down his face saying he wanted to go back to “little kid” preschool.  Once we got to the school, he would hold on to my legs so tight and not let go.  We would drop off his bag, sign him in and wash his hands.  I would try to get him interested in something and then leave.  I would physically have to unwrap his arms off my legs (he’s stronger than you think!) and close the door behind me to get out.  It was so hard! 


But, I’m not unfamiliar with the stages:

1) honeymoon – everything is new and fun

2) transition/adjustment – the rough part

3) acceptance of the new routine and the rest of the time at the school


Little did I know that the honeymoon would be one day!  I finally got it out of him that he wanted to go back to “little kid” preschool since he knew everyone’s name and new all the rules.  He talked about the new rule of having to put something away before taking something else out.  No matter how much reason/logic a child has – they don’t have enough at this stage to realize (even though you say it) that they will make friends and know everyone’s name. 


So, after almost two weeks of this – on Friday – we talked about what was going to happen, and since it had happened that whole week, it wasn’t a surprise. 


We go to preschool

Drop off his bag

Sign him in

Wash his hands

Say bye bye, hug and kiss

Mommy has to go “working”


Finally – on Friday after 9 days – we had a very nice drop off. 


Mind you – teachers would tell me that ~1 minute after I left he was fine. 


So, now we are on to week 3.  Here’s to Monday morning drop off!





Alex was even featured in their weekly newsletter!

image: Evergreen Montessoriclip_image002