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Powder room remodel, finished

Remember back when I posted about a bathroom remodel?  Well – here is the updated finished bathroom – and we couldn’t be happier with it.  There used to be an old powder blue sink with all sorts of chips in it, outdated fixtures, and UGLY tile counter top. 

 Powder Room Remodel-1



The cabinet was in good shape so we just painted it a rich chocolate brown.   We got a new countertop – marble – from a local place that sells remnants and a new WHITE undermount sink.  The marble is beautiful and creamy.  We painted the walls a whisper of a blue color (ode to the old sink) and got some hand towels to match.  We got a new mirror and a new energy efficient light fixture, too!  Top that with a brushed nickel faucet and a WHITE new toilet – voila! 


A new powder room!


Powder room remodel finished-3 Final


Powder room remodel finished-11 Final

  Powder room remodel finished-4 Final


 Powder room remodel finished-7 Final


Powder room remodel finished-5 Final



Powder room remodel finished-9 Final


 Powder room remodel finished-10 Final