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Sara’s Name

I just realized something…  Sara’s name has the first two and last two letters of my Mama’s name – Sandra.  Sandra – “nd” = Sara   Interesting… that we chose Sara without the “h” since “Sandra” isn’t spelled “Sandrah”.


Although we didn’t name her after my Mom, or anybody for that matter, we do love Sara’s connection to her.  She has helped us in countless ways by coming up and being here with our kiddos and us, giving us a date night, taking care of Alex during Sara’s birth, making cookies with him, and getting on the floor with him and playing all sorts of things, inspiring and encouraging his imagination and most importantly, reminding us how wonderful he is (it’s sometimes difficult to remember this about your own child).  He just adores her and I’m so excited for Sara to have the same fun with Grandma Sandy.  


We had criteria that her name had to fit in:  Lance didn’t want a name that started with a T, I wanted preferably a two syllable name, something easy to spell since she’ll have to spell Torgesen all the time, we didn’t want something too popular or too out there, etc.


Other names we considered were: Hanna, Marissa, Lana, Ellie, Leah, Erika, Molly – but, now none of them seem right.


About an hour after her birth, Lance asked me if we were ready to talk names.  I said that we could.  He asked what was speaking to me and I said Sara.  He said Sara it is, without an “h”.  We thought it was a beautiful and wonderful name that matched our criteria and matched our beautiful and wonderful little girl.  I was surprised how ready he was to name her, but after the emotions of watching her being born and the strength that he witnessed in me, along with how Alex was named – he was ready to name her. 


With Alex’s birth, he wasn’t named for 2-3 days because I didn’t have the chance to see him very much since I was so sick.  Lance, on the other hand, was watching over him day and night up in the NICU.  He came up with his nickname “Spunky” within a day or so, he says it just came to him.  And it’s stuck ever since.  I remember Lance coming to me after Alex’s birth and asking the same question – can we talk names?  I said that I hadn’t seen him much and wasn’t ready.  Lance broke down and said that it was difficult for him to not know his name while watching over him.  But, I hadn’t seen him much, maybe 20 minutes within the 2 days.  I promised him that we would pick a name when I was able to see him for a while.  We picked Alexander since it was a strong a brave name and that is exactly what he was, a strong and brave little boy born too early. 



Sara with grandma sandy-4 Final


Sara with grandma sandy-8 Final