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Chainsaw ears

I bet you're wondering what "chainsaw ears" are.... kinda weird, I know.

Here's the story of how Alex uses the words he learns and uses them in real life...

Lance wears ear protection when mowing, weed-eating, and when using the chainsaw. We got Alex to wear them a couple of times because he LOVES riding on the lawnmower with Lance and mowing the grass.

He won't wear the ear protection anymore, and for a while we were OK with him just plugging his ears (little does he know - next time he will have to wear the ear protection or he doesn't get to ride).

So, the other day, there was a neighbor mowing their grass (or something else loud) and he told me that I had to put on my "chainsaw ears". He took his hands and kind-of put his hands on each of my ears and told me now I had "chainsaw ears". He's done this a few times to me and I didn't really think anything of it until he did it to Lance and Lance just had the funniest look on his face.... Like, "what did he just say? Chainsaw ears? What does that mean?"

I told him I thought he meant lawnmower ears (which is what they are used for most of the time) but got it mixed up and then it stuck.

We laughed and told ourselves that we will have to remember this moment.

Chainsaw ears. Love it!