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Chainsaw ears.... for real

Well, well...

One year of ear tubes and it has been bliss full. Sleep, glorious, sleep.


Alex put his head under the water in the hot tub and the next day turned into an ear infection. He's put his ears under the water in the bath tub with no problems, but it seems the hot tub water is very different.

Pussy goo coming out of his ears, because of the ear tubes. Yucky! We finally went to the Doctor on Saturday morning, trust me - don't go on a Saturday unless you have to. The doctor looked at his ears and was amazed about how much was coming out. One ear had a lot coming out and the other had nothing, which we thought meant it was fine. But, alas, it just meant that the ear tube was blocked.

So, we got the drops and it's been working great. When I put it in, I can even see bubbles coming out (meaning the medicine is going in).

We have an appt with my chiropractor tomorrow for him. I was telling her about it and she says that chiropractic can really help with this, especially with this.

We'll see...


becky said...

So sorry for the little man! keep us posted.